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To Dino, serving on the DuPage County board offers an opportunity to serve the community and support the wellbeing of its nearly one million residents. Citizens should benefit from the services provided by the county to the fullest extent possible, and Dino wants to continue that promise while contributing his business expertise and leadership to the board’s committees.


Simply put. I am opposed to ANY tax increases, and will vote against ANY initiative to raise real estate taxes, income taxes, or any other tax. The taxes paid by DuPage county citizens are too high, and are hindering economic development, and private investment. My objective is to reduce tax rates. We can get more revenue if we invest in businesses and entrepreneurs. We do not need to raise taxes.


While DuPage County has been run exceedingly well under the current board, ongoing vigilance and leadership are critical to continued service and success. The DuPage County Board is responsible for $500,000,000 in annual spending that serves the county’s nearly one million residents.

Economic Development

Economic DevelopmentWith the best economic development history of any county in Illinois, DuPage County is poised to continue to thrive—as long as it meets the challenges of a changing world. With direct experience in community development, Dino will contribute knowledge and perspective to continue to advance DuPage County’s economic development for the benefit of its residents.


Expanding and enriching education in civics and governments for local schools is an issue near and dear to Dino. If elected to a permanent term, Dino envisions cooperation between DuPage County Board members and local schools to bring civics and government to life.


Resources to combat crime and drug abuse in our community help keep it a wonderful place to live. More Illinois residents die of opioid-related overdoses than car accidents—and combatting this epidemic should continue to be a priority for local agencies and government.


Addressing transportation needs and challenges within the county advances life for all residents. From public transportation to highway expansion, simplifying moving within and throughout the county should be a priority.

O’Hare noise

The ongoing effort to address and minimize noise includes cooperating with the airport authority and continuing to advance creative solutions. Vigilance and advocacy will serve local residents as well as allow O’Hare to continue to serve as a world-class transportation hub.

Responsive and accessible

As a local resident, Dino understands the importance of being accessible to the community. District 1 residents will be able to reach out with issues, questions, or concerns—and find a responsive leader willing to listen.